UPES’s range of scholarships will be expanded in 2021

UPES believes that children should not be denied education because of financial constraints. The university is offering more scholarships this year to students who meet the eligibility criteria.

A scholarship can help students make a difference. Scholarship recipients live fulfilled lives that make a positive difference in society. Financial aid has a clear impact on student retention, academic success and graduation rates in higher education. UPES scholarship programs are designed to make it possible for students to pursue their academic goals regardless of their economic situation.

Shakti scholarship to girl child

UPES is committed to closing the gap between the classroom and the boardroom by providing a 20% scholarship for girl students to attend undergraduate programs in the academic year 2021-22.

The scholarship will be awarded for the first time on tuition fees to all girls who are admitted to UPES in 2021.

For details, please visit https://upesforshakti.upes.ac.in/

The Shakti scholarship program provided financial aid to 1300 girls from India last year. It enabled them to access higher education at a high quality level through the Shakti scholarship program. A huge response was received from the university by girl students and their families from Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Maharashtra, as well as those from Jharkhand and Maharashtra. Many of them chose to pursue post-graduate and under-graduate degrees in engineering, computer science, business, and health sciences.

Domicile scholarship

UPES also offers scholarships to bonafide Uttarakhand residents. It has provided a 33% discount on the tuition fees for Uttarakhand state toppers. For details, please visit https://www.upes.ac.in/aspiring-students

Uttarakhand girls have been able to take advantage of the double benefit of the Girl Scholarship as well as the Domicile Scholarship. This makes it an impressive total scholarship of 46%.

Scholarship support to COVID warriors

UPES offers scholarships to wards in recognition of the dedicated and selfless services of COVID veterans such as doctors, teachers, paramedics and paramilitary personnel. Individuals who have lost their lives and are the sole breadwinner of their families can also receive financial assistance.

The scholarship is available to UG and PG students in the academic year 2021-22 and will be granted for one year only.

For details, please visit https://www.upes.ac.in/corona-warriors-scholarship-scheme

Scholarship based on merit

UPES offers up to 100% merit-based scholarships for eligible students in certain programs. These scholarships will be awarded for the first semester according to merit to those who are eligible. For details, please visit https://www.upes.ac.in/scholarships

State Government Scholarships

Students of UPES are eligible to receive scholarships under Mukhyamantri Swayam Sahayata Bhata Yojana, Bihar, and Ekalyan Scholarship Portal in Jharkhand.

How have UPES scholarships helped students over the years

Alisha Farheen, a student in the School of Health Sciences, says, “I want all of my dreams to become reality, and UPES through its Shakti Scholarship is supporting me to achieve that and more.” She smiles, “One day, I will be able to tell someone how this scholarship has changed my life for the better.”

“My father was about take out an education loan to pay for my undergrad. I discovered about the Shakti scholarship UPES offered just as hope seemed to be fading. It was an honor to receive it. It has been a tremendous financial help to my family and it has given me the support I need to pursue my dream of studying Engineering,” Tisha Goswami, UPES School of Engineering.

Aayushi’s father suffered a paralytic attack in 2016. In 2016, her life took a different turn. “There was little hope, and I couldn’t see any light coming through. Good things can happen when you least expect them, as the saying goes. UPES provided me with a 100% scholarship that covered my hostel fees, uniforms and books as well as other expenses.

These are just a few of the many bright and confident students who have benefited from the UPES scholarship. UPES views the scholarships as a partnership between students, their families and the university. This scholarship program is intended to support talented and deserving students in realizing their academic goals and enhancing their higher education experience.