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US approves US 120 million dollar sale to keep Taiwanese warships in service

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The sale of parts of ships to Taiwan of USD 120 million has been approved by the United States amid growing Chinese threat.
China warned the US not to increase ties with Taiwan, which Beijing considers its own island and threatens forcefully to take over. Last month, 30 Chinese warplanes broke Taiwan’s air defence ID zone (ADIZ) while a surprise US congressional delegation was visiting Taiwan.
After approval of the sale, US Defence Security Cooperation Agency provided the necessary certification informing Congress about the deal.
“Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office, United States (TECRO), requested unclassified spare and/or repair parts for ships and systems; logistical assistance; U.S. government and contractor representative technical and logistical supports; and other related components of logistical and support. According to the US Defence Security Cooperation Agency, the total program cost is USD 120 millions.
The US has proposed to sell this property in support of the recipient’s continued efforts to build a credible defense capability.

According to the US government, the sale would increase security and help maintain political stability, military balance and economic progress in the area.
The sale will support the recipient’s surface ship fleet and enhance its ability to respond to future and current threats. The statement stated that the proposed sale would help the recipient achieve its goal of maintaining military capability and further enhancing interoperability between the United States, other allies, and the United States.
The statement stated that the equipment will be easily absorbable by the recipient, and that the sale will not change the fundamental military balance of the region.
“The equipment will be procured from US Navy suppliers and/or US Navy stock. There is not a prime contractor. In connection with this sale, there are no offset agreements. The statement stated that the proposed sale would not be implemented without the assignment of additional US Government or contractor representatives.”
The US Defence Security Cooperation Agency stated that the proposed sale will have no adverse effects on US military readiness.

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