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US Senate passes bipartisan gun safety bill

Thursday night saw the US Senate pass a bipartisan bill to combat gun violence in the United States. It was the first major federal gun reform piece in 30 years.
The measure received 65 votes to 33, with 15 Republicans voting in support. This is a significant bipartisan victory on one of America’s most contentious policy issues.
The House will vote on the bill and could vote as soon as Friday.
It has a price tag of USD 13.2 billion and includes millions of dollars for school safety, mental health, and crisis intervention programs. The bill also offers incentives to states to include juvenile records into the National Instant Criminal Background Check System.
The federal gun safety bill will be voted on the same day that the Supreme Court revoked a New York law regulating concealed handguns in public. It required residents to demonstrate a need for a handgun beyond their home.
In the US, civilians own more than 390 million guns. More than 45,000 Americans were killed by firearm-related injuries in 2020, including suicides and homicides.
This is a move that comes after a string high-profile mass shootings.
The massacre at Uvalde Elementary School in Texas on May 24, which resulted in 19 deaths and two teachers, was the deadliest mass shooting in America this year. It occurred just 10 days after another shooting at a Buffalo supermarket that claimed 10 lives.


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