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Vienna Demonstration against Taliban Restrictions on Afghan Women

 An Austrian political party organized a demonstration in solidarity with Afghan women and the LGBTQIA+ communities in Afghanistan. These communities are experiencing increasing discrimination and restrictions under the Taliban regime.

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The Austrian political party Links (Leftists) organized the demonstration in collaboration with Afghan diaspora organizations like AKIS, Katib culture & sport association, Afghan global Civil Society Organization (AGCSO), as well as SoS, which is an Austrian platform against expulsion.

The demonstration was attended by around 150 people, including Afghan diaspora members and Austrians. Many were holding placards reading: Solidarity with women, LGBTQIA+ in Afghanistan’, and Afghan Women Matter’.

Gawhar Musleh, AKIS association spoke during the demonstration and said: “You understand why we are there. We are here to speak out against violence against women, particularly Afghan women.

Musleh stated that the Taliban took over Afghanistan in Afghanistan, putting Afghan women’s lives in danger.

“War brings inequality and the risk that families sell their daughters. They are also subject to domestic violence. Women in Afghanistan suffered sudden consequences from the sudden changes that occurred in Afghanistan. The result was that Afghan girls and women were unable to go to school and are unable to work. Musleh said that we must not ignore the dangers to Afghan women’s lives.

Demonstrators said they were protesting for Afghan women’s rights

“We are all here for the rights and protection of Afghan women. We are protesting in Vienna because: Because the Austrian government defeated the terrorist Taliban. They now control the entire country through the Taliban. She said that the terrorist group controls the country, and the west has closed their eyes to the Afghan people.”

Afghan woman spoke out against the Taliban’s atrocities on women in Afghanistan.

Taliban beat women in Afghanistan. That is unacceptable. We enjoy equality here, but Afghan women suffer. This is a violation to their rights as millions of people don’t go to school. She said that Afghan women have been fighting for their rights for a long time. They were active, but they are being stopped by the Taliban ideology.

In August, the Taliban took power and confirmed that secondary schools would reopen. However, only boys will be returning to the classroom. The Taliban also prevented women teachers from returning to work.

The Taliban was accused of abandoning its promise to protect women’s rights, media freedom, and other human rights.

The Taliban urged female journalists to adhere to a dress code on Sunday and asked TV stations to end showing soap operas with women. This raised concerns about media freedom and women’s rights.

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