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Visakhapatnam: Address Change Online

Visakhapatnam Address Change: DL Address Change Visakhapatnam Address Change driving license in Visakhapatnam| DL address change in Visakhapatnam | Address change driving licence in Visakhapatnam

Address change in driving license Visakhapatnam: A driving licence is a very important document to drive a vehicle in India. The Indian government is open to digital technology and makes it easy to change your driving license address online. This article will provide step-by step instructions on how to change your driving licence address online. You will also find the required document in this post. Driving license is an important document in India. You cannot drive a vehicle without one.

You can change your address online for your Driving Licence Visakhapatnam

Step by step instructions on how to change your driving licence address online are provided below. If you are changing your permanent address, you can change the address on your driving license.

To change your driving license address, you will need to provide documentation Visakhapatnam

  • No. 33 33
  • Documentation attesting to the address
  • Certificate of insurance
  • PUC (Pollution under control certificate)
  • NOC ( No objection certificate)
  • Charges

Procedure to change driving license address Visakhapatnam

Driving licence: Change address, First to visit parivahan official site Select menu to open online services popup menu, and select driving license related services.

Open a new page, and choose a state.

Click on the Apply for Change Address button after you have selected your state.

change address in driving licence

Open the change address instruction now and click on the Continue button.

Enter your driving license number and date of birth, then click on Get Details. Click it to display your driving license details, and then click on the process button.

You can select the services section to request document upload or change of address.

After you have added your new address to your driving license, submit the application.

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