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Wardha: Contains 11 skulls and 54 bones from foetuses

Police said that 54 foetuses’ bones and 11 skulls were discovered in the biogas plant at a private hospital in Arvi. This was during an investigation into an additional case of illegal abortion.

Jyotsnagiri, Sub-Inspector said that they searched a biogas facility located at the premises of Kadam Hospital in Arvi tehsil. We discovered 11 skulls and 54 foetuses’ bones, which were sent for examination.

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She added that Dr Rekha Kadam was arrested along with a nurse who allegedly performed an illegal abortion on a girl aged 13.

According to police, a probe was underway to determine if the skulls and bones were illegally disposed of.

Police also arrested the parents of a minor boy accused of having sex with the girl.

Further, the official stated that the accused were taken into custody under the IPC/POCO Acts after being charged with illegal abortion.

The police stated that the doctor failed to notify authorities about an abortion performed on a girl younger than 18 years.

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