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WHO warns that monkeypox could be transmitted to more people this summer

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According to WHO, it was determined to stop monkeypox transmission by stopping human transmission as much as possible. However, the WHO warned that there is a high possibility of further transmission this summer in Europe.

Tuesday’s statement by the WHO stated that the WHO European Region was the “epidemic center of the largest and most widely distributed monkeypox epidemic ever recorded outside of endemic areas of western and central Africa”.

Hans Kluge, WHO Regional Director for Europe, spoke out in response to the increase in cases of monkeypox across Europe over the past 2 weeks. He described the steps necessary to “rapidly investigation and control this fast-evolving condition”.

According to Xinhua news agency, the WHO European office is worried that recent lifting of restrictions on international travel and events due to pandemics could lead to rapid transmission.

“Monkeypox already has spread against the backdrop to several mass gatherings within the region. Kluge stated in the statement that there will be many festivals and large parties over the next few months which provide additional contexts for amplification.

“The potential for further transmissions in Europe and elsewhere during the summer is high.”

He advocated for the strengthening of “cross country collaboration and information sharing mechanisms, heightened surveillance and communicative with the community” to prevent misinformation being “amplified on-line and through other sources, leading towards negative public health outcomes”.

“Our goal to contain this epidemic is to stop human-to-human transmitting to the maximum extent possible,” said the WHO Regional Director. He also called for increased awareness and sharing information about how people can lower their risk of getting monkeypox.

He stated that European monkeypox cannot be dealt with using the same extensive measures as Covid-19 because the virus is not spreading in the same way.

On Tuesday, the UK Health Security Agency reported that 190 monkeypox cases had been confirmed in the country since May 7.

UKHSA says the UK’s population is not at risk, but it asks people to be aware of any new lesions or rashes that could appear as spots, ulcers, or blisters on any part.

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