Yash Raj Films introduces health coverage for daily wage earners

Aditya Chopra, filmmaker, has created ‘Saathi Card’ to provide benefits for daily wage earners in the film industry and their families. It includes health insurance, school fees allowance, ration supply, and other benefits.

Aditya launched the Saathi Card to sustain the initiative beyond a response to Covid-19. It is a model of an international policy concept – “universal base support” under The Yash Chopra Foundation. It provides health insurance, school fees allowance, ration supply and other benefits for the industry’s daily wage workers and their families.

Akshaye Widhani is Senior Vice President at YRF. He stated: “At Yash Raj Films, we don’t believe in reactively donating, but rather it is a strategic thought process and plan for action to create a sustainable impact on the lives of our beneficiaries. Anyone who is at least 35 years old and has at most one dependent can apply for the card.

“The Saathi Card allows us to be there as a friend, support system and network for those who make up the backbone of our industry,” Widhani said. Widhani said that we will continue to expand this support in the future to improve the quality of life for all members of our community.”

Cardholders will be eligible to use the card for healthcare, including free annual checks and discounts on medication bills.

The card can be used by registered individuals to help support their children’s education. YRF provides an allowance for school fees and stationery.

They can also use their card to buy ration supplies.