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Yoga as a way to live, inspiration for good and healthy: PM Modi

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Prime Minister NarendraModi said Tuesday that yoga is now a way of being and has been a source of inspiration, health, balance, and cooperation on the International Day of Yoga.
The Prime Minister noted that India is celebrating Yoga Day during India’s 75th year as independent, the “Amrit Mahotsav.” Yoga Day is widely accepted as a sign of the “Amrit spirit” of India that gave life to India’s freedom fight.
Mass Yoga demonstrations will be held at 75 locations that are iconic in India, which have witnessed the rich history of India and have been the centre of cultural energy.
“The experience of collective Yoga at the historic sites of India is like tying India’s past and India’s diversity together, and India’s growth,” he explained.
He also shared information about the innovative programme “Guardian Yoga Ring”, which is a collaborative effort between 79 nations and United Nations organisations, as well as Indian Missions abroad, to demonstrate Yoga’s unifying power that transcends national boundaries.
As the sun moves from one end of the Earth to the other, the Mass Yoga Demonstrations held in participating countries will appear almost as if they are happening simultaneously. “These yoga practices are inspiring for health, balance, and cooperation,” he said.
The eighth edition of International Day of Yoga, which took place in Mysuru (Karnataka), featured yoga by Prime Minister.

With the Prime Minister at Mysore Palace grounds, more than 15,000 people took part in the Yoga celebrations.
Prime Minister says that the yogic energies, which have been nurtured over centuries by spiritual centers like Mysuru in India, are now directing the way to global health. He said that yoga has become a foundation for international cooperation and provides a belief in a healthy lifestyle to all people.
Yoga has become a worldwide festival. Yoga isn’t just for one person, it’s for all of humanity. This year’s International Day of Yoga will be centered on Yoga for Humanity. PM Modi stated. He thanked the United Nation as well as all the other countries for adopting this theme worldwide.
Karnataka Governor Thaawarchand Gelot, Karnataka Chief minister Basavaraj Bammai, Union Minister Ayush Sarbananda Anda Sonowal, officials of the Ministry of Ayush as well as the Government of Karnataka were among those who performed yoga during the event.

PM Modi addressed the gathering and said that “The whole universe begins from our body and soul.” All of the universe begins with us. Yoga makes us aware of all that is within us, and gives us a sense awareness. Yoga brings us peace. Yoga isn’t just for the individual. Yoga brings peace to society. Yoga brings peace to the nations and the entire world. Yoga brings peace to the universe.
He believed that yoga was for everyone, not just the individual.

Meditation can help us relax and improve our productivity, no matter how stressed we may be. Yoga does not need to be considered an extra job. It is essential to practice yoga. Yoga must be lived. Yoga isn’t just a part of our lives, it is becoming a way of living,” he stated.

PM Modi stressed that yoga’s eternal journey will continue to lead to an “eternal tomorrow”.
He stated, “We will also accelerate peace and health in the world through yoga with the spirit ‘Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah’, Sarve Santu Niramaya”.
Prime Minister said that the yogic energy, which was nurtured for centuries in spiritual centers of India such as Mysuru, today is giving direction to global health. Yoga has become a platform for global cooperation. Yoga offers humanity the ability to live a healthy lifestyle.
The theme of the celebration this year is “yoga to humanity”.
The prime minister’s yoga program at Mysuru forms part of the new programme ‘Guardian Yoga Ring. This is a collaboration between 79 countries, United Nations organisations and Indian Missions abroad. It demonstrates yoga’s unifying power that transcends National borders.
The Mass Yoga Demonstrations across participating countries will appear to be happening simultaneously as the sun moves from east to west around the globe.
The 75-year anniversary of India’s independence was the main theme for the Ministry for Ayush. It also designated 75 locations for Union ministers to take part in the Yoga Day celebrations.
International Day of Yoga 2022 was marked by many firsts. This included the Yoga demonstration by Union Cabinet Ministers at 75 famous locations in India, as well as a special digital yoga and static exhibit in Mysuru Dussera Grounds.
The Digital Yoga exhibition featured the most recent technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR), which were used to present the history and wisdom about yoga. The static exhibit consists of 146 booths, which were taken up and used by yoga institutions and Ayush institutes under the auspices of both the Government of India as well the Government of Karnataka.
According to the Ministry of Ayush in India, approximately 25 crores of people are expected worldwide to celebrate International Day of Yoga 2022.
Earlier, Yog Guru Ramdev performed yoga at Patanjali Yogpeeth in Haridwar. The event is attended by many children and others.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi was speaking at the UN General Assembly, September 27, 2014 when he first proposed the International Yoga Day. India passed the draft resolution. It was supported by 177 countries. The United Nations declared June 21 the International Day of Yoga, recognizing the growing popularity of yoga and declaring it universally recognized.
On June 21, 2015, was the first International Yoga Day.

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