You don’t need to be afraid, it’s just a phase: Sameera Reddy

A healthy diet is key to an active lifestyle. Sameera Reddy shares the benefits of Vitamin K2 and Arginine, as well as nutrients that support stronger and longer bones.

Reddy, the face of PediaSure addresses parents’ dietary concerns and shares his personal tips.

Q: What can you do to ensure that your children get the right nutrition? A: It’s important for children to eat healthy food in fun ways. As I mentioned, I work with my mother in law and as a team to make this happen. It’s just as important to have the right products. PediaSure is here to ensure that I have the right nutrition drink, even if I miss certain foods in my daily meals with the children.

Q: Do you spend time researching the best nutrients and ingredients for your children as they grow up? A: I find it interesting that social media has allowed me to see so much more about my children and myself. There are many natural sugars the children can consume, and they can also have amazing ingredients like Ragi, Millets, and Quinoa. It’s all a learning curve. I like the fact that PediaSure has incorporated the new ingredients Arginine (vitamin K2) into their products. It’s an learning experience for me that brands have introduced these ingredients that can improve nutrition for children. It’s a mixture of me wanting to know the information and having my incredible social media followers and brands tell me that these are our options and what you can do.

Q: Do your children have a problem with picky eating? Q: Are your children picky eaters? If so, what are you doing to help them? Q: It’s interesting to note that Hans (Sameera’s son) was picky about food, while Nyra (Sameera’s daughter) is a picky eater. Nyra, who is two years old, will try everything, olives, cranberries and unripe tomatoes included. It’s quite strange that she actually tries every food.

My son looks at Nyra now and he eats everything, even vegetables. Nyra loves carrots, brinjal, and even ‘Karela’. It’s all about understanding how the synergy works between the children. Thankfully, he has stopped being fussy and is now a happy eater.

Q: How do you encourage your children to eat on their own? A: Yes, it is something I did from the very beginning. My children used to make a lot more mess than I expected. Even my mother-in law would tell me. When I explained that to my mother-in-law, allowing kids to create mess in the beginning makes them more independent and able to decide how much food they can eat. They also know when it’s time to stop. That’s what I have done all my life and strongly encouraged it. It’s worked for me today. Although it’s not an easy process at the beginning, it is very rewarding once you get used to it.

Q: How do you think about your child’s appetite? How do you deal with a child who refuses to eat? It’s quite interesting. Both Nyra and Nyra go through phases at times. She might not eat as much for a week, then suddenly she will play a sport, then she’ll eat everything. I don’t force her to cry. However, I do introduce other things.

If one thing doesn’t work, South Indians will always have Dosa Atta around. I also know that plain rice is my go-to. I don’t want to force my kids to eat the same thing.

Q: Please share your parenting tips for healthy eating habits with your children.

A: Sometimes I don’t know. There are times when I need to think outside of the box. Sometimes, it may not be possible to force a certain meat at a specific moment. You can then have your go-to’s such as dahi-chawal or other dishes. You don’t need to be afraid if they refuse to eat at certain times, such as when they have a cold or are recovering from an illness. It’s all part of the healing process.