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Zendaya finds her ‘Dune Star’ Timothee Chalamet “Geuninely Great”

Zendaya, an Emmy-winning actor, is thrilled to have shot with Timothee Chalamet for Denis Villeneuve’s adaptation from the 1965 Frank Herbert novel, ‘Dune’. Zenday expressed relief at being able to work with Chalamet on the film, which also stars Jason Momoa and Oscar Isaac as well as Rebecca Ferguson and many others.

“Timothee’s a truly great, funny and hilarious person. Zendaya stated in an interview that he was excited to have another actor of his age on the set.

She said she was also deeply touched by Denis Villeneuve’s “kindness” and that it made her feel like she was in the film. “Denis Villeneuve, another extraordinarily kind person!” She said that Villeneuve had so many things to think about, including the light, wind, background, sets, characters, and was constantly being asked a million question. He handled it all so calmly and with so much kindness and patience.”

“Dune” tells the story Paul Atreides (Timothee Chamet), a young man who was born into a destiny that is beyond his control and must travel to the most dangerous planet on the universe in order to secure his family’s future.

The film will be released in India on 22 October and Maharashtra starting 29 October, in English and Hindi.

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