Aruna Irani began acting at the age of 9 and made a pair with Amitabh

 Today marks the birthday of Aruna Iraniani, who has won the hearts of everyone with her performances. Aruna Irani was a positive characterist. He is well-known for his negative personality. Aruna Irani has been in the news because she was a vamp, heroine, child artiste, and character actress. She was also a heroine in many films and a vamp in many. Aruna began her career in 1961. As a child artist, Aruna began her career. With this year's release, 'Ganga Jamuna. Aruna was just 9 years old at the time.

Dilip Kumar, the film's director, was impressed by Aruna's acting at that time and he greatly appreciated her. Aruna was then offered many more films. In 1972 Mahmood's film Bombay to Goa, she was a leading lady. Amitabh Bachchan, who was a heroin that film, proved to be a huge hit at the ticket windows. She starred in Raj Kapoor's "Bobby" in 1973 and won the hearts and affections of the public. You should know that Aruna Irani's father was a theatre director. His passion for art and tendency to be artistic have been present since childhood.

She was a small part in films such as Jahan Ara and Farz. In films such as 'Aulad', 'Hamjoli' and 'Naya Zamana,' she was paired with Mahmood, a comedy king. Aruna was the fast-paced Banjaran in the 1971 film "Caravan" and she became well-known. Aruna was also a great performer of many excellent item songs. Aruna has so far worked on the smaller screen, apart from the large screen which was excellent. We wish Aruna a happy birthday.

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