Superstar Nagarjuna saw my talent and recommended me to South film industry :Geethika Tiwary

 Geethika, an actress who is all set for her big-screen debut in Tamil film Production No.1, considers it a blessing to be part of this 100-crore-budget venture. She shot a jewelry commercial with Nagarjuna, a superstar.

Geethika shares her story and explains that she was a part of a television commercial for jewelry. She worked with Nagarjuna as a star, and he suggested to me that I try the South film industry. He was the one who inspired me to film. Although I was unsure if I wanted to work in advertising or film, I knew I wouldn't want to be a part of television shows. I'm a very relaxed person who enjoys following the flow.

She said that she plays a lead female role in the film. I have completed 65 days of shooting and will begin filming the climax next year. A 25-day schedule for foreign travel is also available.

"At the age 23 I was blessed to work alongside legendary actors in my first films, such as Prabhu Ganeshan and Thambi Ramaiah, Latha, Prabhu Ganeshan and Prabhu Gneshan of Bahubali fame, Latha, Thambi Ramaiah, Latha, and Prabhu Gauneshan. On set, the entire cast was supportive. She added, "I feel like this is my second home."

Harris Jayaraj composed the music and Velraj, a renowned cinematographer who is loved by Dhanush, shot it. Producer No.1 is JD and Jerry, and it was produced by the legendary Saravana.

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