Modi's attack against Taliban: 'The terror empire is not permanent.

 Today, PM Narendra Modi attended a function in Gujarat about the Somnath Temple. PM Modi stated that terror cannot crush faith. He also said that those who build empires on terror are not always in existence. PM Modi's statement was made in relation to ongoing violence in Afghanistan. This sends a clear message to the terrorist group Taliban.

In his address, Pm Modi stated that terror cannot crush faith. It was targeted. The Somnath Temple was destroyed several times. It was targeted several times. But, every time the temple rises again, it is the most important example for the world. PM Modi stated that "The breaking forces," which were the thoughts of building an empire on the strength terror, may be dominant for a time, but they never last long. She cannot suppress the humanity for too long."

Let's just say that the Government of India has not made any permanent statements regarding the emergence of Taliban rule in Afghanistan. India is monitoring the turmoil in Afghanistan at present and is focusing its attention on helping Indians who are currently stranded there.

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