Senators from the Republican Party demand accountability for US military equipment left in Taliban hands

 On Thursday, more than two dozen Republican senators demanded accountability from the Biden Administration for US military equipment that fell into the hands Taliban in Afghanistan.

"We were shocked to see the Taliban take over Afghanistan's equipment, as we saw the images," Republican Senators wrote to Lloyd Austin in a letter.

The letter was signed by Senators Bill Cassidy and Marco Rubio, along with 23 Senate Republicans, asking the Biden administration for an accounting of taxpayer-funded American military equipment which may have fallen into Taliban hands.

It is outrageous that high-tech military equipment, paid for by the US taxpayers, has fallen into the hands the Taliban and their terrorist ally. The senators stated that the US Department of Defense should have made it a priority to secure US assets before announcing its withdrawal from Afghanistan.

They wrote to Austin to request a complete accounting of the military equipment that was provided to Afghan armed forces last fiscal year.

The letter stated that "An assessment of whether the Taliban will seek cooperation with Russia, Pakistan or Iran, or the People's Republic of China to train, fuel or infrastructural necessary to utilise equipment they don't have the capability to use on theirs,"

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